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    Alfred Marshall and the Marginalist Mind

    Alfred Marshall, a rebellious intellectual was born in England in 1842. He became widely known in economics as the preeminent marginalist. Marginalism is an economic theory that compares the benefits versus the costs of making small changes to whatever one is doing. It’s continuing to take small steps forward until the marginal benefits equal the marginal cost: at which point one should stop.

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    Marguerite In White Jacket

    Weekly Style Pick

    My work style is glamorous white-coat comfort. I’m a medical dermatologist and spend long hours on my feet – shoe comfort is a must. Because I care so very deeply about every one of my patients, I want all my attention on them, not sore feet. To add glamour and femininity to my style, I always invest in a great easy care hairstyle, wear makeup and accessorize with beautiful necklaces – it makes me feel fabulous.

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